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Architect Made Child`s chair

Architect Made

Architect made Child`s chair er klassiker laget som en arbeids og lekestasjon for små barn.


Leveringstid ca 2-3 uker


Matriale: Laminert bøketre, uknuselig for barn. Kristian Vedel was one of the first architects that took children’s furniture seriously and designed furniture in a simple, modern style, and still created on the premise of the child. The Child’s Chair is not just a copy of the “grown-up” furniture, but an unique creation taking point of departure in the various ways a child can move and use the furniture for playing as well as sitting. The adjustable child's chair is a semi-circular bent plywood form, with horizontal cut outs to accommodate adjustable pieces of laminated plywood. The adjustable pieces are held in place by tension, resulting in a perfect design for a child’s chair, without using any screws nails or bolts. Vedel's chair can be arranged in various configurations, depending on whether a chair, table or highchair is desired. "My Purpose was to create a combination of a child chair and a tumble stool, appealing to the children’s own fantasy and their varying psychological and physical needs. A tool, to support single as well as group of children, which in size, form, weight and character, fits as many situations and ages as possible." Kristian Vedel, 1999. In other words, Vedel designed a chair that will be useful in different situations during a child’s upbringing- from when a child can crawl, sit, stand up, until the child walks. Even as an adult the chair, which you might grew up with, can serve as a stool or as a side table, and then be carried on to the next generation