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Northern Dahl pendellampe


Northern Dahl er en vakker elegant pendellampe designet av Birger Dahl i 1956 og den klassiske formen gjør lampen like moderne i dag.


Leveringstid ca 2-3 uker

Lampen er brukt blant annet i Det Norske storting. MATERIALE: Munnblåst glass, opal hvit. Metalloppheng i messing, mørk grå eller lys grønn. 

STØRRELSE: Høyde: 44cm Diameter skjerm: 25 cm.

Lyskilde: E 27 sokkel, maks 100 W Ledning 3 meter

Designer: Birger Dahl 1956 2016 marks the centenary of Birger Dahl’s birth, which Northern Lighting are commemorating with the launch of this timeless glass pendant. Dahl designed the lamp in 1956 and installed it in the renovated Norwegian Parliament building two years later. Although Dahl is a classic mid-century design, its minimal form and smooth, unembellished surfaces still have a contemporary appearance today. The shade is made from mouth-blown glass and etched by a surface treatment that creates a smooth matt finish. Dahl’s metal parts are dark grey or light green, or made in matt brass. The shade attaches to a metal disc at the top and makes space for a pair of concentric rings to slot into the opening down below. The pendant has the same understated features that characterise Dokka and Birdy – two other classic Birger Dahl designs also re-introduced by Northern Lighting.