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Kartell Charles Ghost barstol 2.pk


Kartell Charles Ghost er en barstol inspirert av krakkene på 1800-tallet, designet av den verdenskjente Philippe Starck. Finnes i to høyder og mange flotte farger. Kommer som kolli 2 stk. Prisen er for 2 stk.


Leveringstid ca 4-5 uker

Designer Philippe Starck 2001 Materiale: polycarbonate plast, transparent eller opaque Farger: B4 Crystal E3 Orange P1 Rose P2 Light Blue P4 Yellow P8 Green P9 Smoke E5 Glossy White (opaque) E6 Glossy Black (opaque) E7 Kartell Red (opaque) Mål: Barstol: Sitte-høyde: 75 cm (til barbord), Diameter: 46 cm Barstol: Sitte-høyde: 65 cm (til kjøkkenbenk), Diameter: 46 cm Om Charles Ghost: The shape conjures up stools of the 1800s and the line of the legs is rounded and slightly upturned, an icon of the classic high stool. Charles Ghost is constructed from a single block of transparent polycarbonate which makes it indestructible and allows it to survive anywhere. It is available in three different heights: from the stool for occasional and informal session to that for the kitchen bench or bar counter. It is just as suited to closed surroundings as to open spaces and it embraces every kind of furnishing and every culture. A wide range of transparent and opaque colours allows for the creation of intriguing chromatic combinations.