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Gubi Masculo Lounge Chair


Gubi Masculo Lounge Chair er en vakker skulpturell lenestol designet av duoen GamFratesi. Sort stålramme med sort eller cognaq-farget hud.


Leveringstid ca 5-6 uker

Spesifikasjoner: Størrelse: - Bredde: 69 cm - Høyde: 73 cm - Dybde: 57 cm - Sete-høyde: 35 cm 

Materialer og Finish - Sortlakkert stålramme og polstret i sort eller cognaq-farget 


Designer: GamFratesi 

GamFratesi om designet: "With the design of Masculo chair our idea was to experiment with a kind of contradiction between a partly classical design as deeprooted in the Danish furniture tradition, and challenge it in the combination with contemporary dynamic lines and translations of materials and production techniques. We required to examine the impact of the meeting between something partly traditional, but in an atypical context, and it appears to the effect of this contrast, that the chair is to be situated some interesting place in the borderland between harmony and disharmony." -