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Muuto Open Candelabra Sort


Muuto Open Candelabra er en moderne lysestake med et elegant lett uttrykk, perfekt for en vinduspost eller spisebord. Farge Sort


Leveringstid ca 2-3 dager

Spesifikasjoner: Størrelse: Bredde: 21cm Høyde: 20 cm Dybde: 8 cm 

Materialer og Finish: pulverlakkert aluminium 

Designer: Jens Fager 

JENS FAGER ABOUT THE DESIGN OF THE OPEN CANDELABRA: “The design is based on a simple idea: to create a new take on the iconic multifaceted candelabra - but with as little volume as possible. The design process was all about creating a slim, steady and harmonic candleholder with a timeless, effortless look - and the result is a simple, almost two-dimensional object that fits perfectly on a large table, as well as in a slim windowsill. The rounded features and open form add to the warmth of a cosy candlelight atmosphere. OPEN is reduced in terms of both design and use of material, but still it brings out the light in the most beautiful way.”