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Muuto Grain


Muuto Grain lampen er laget i stål og kommer i flere farger.


Lev.tid 2-3 uker

Design: Jens Fager Matriale: stål Mål: H18,5cm Ø21cm Lys: G9 4w led er inkludert. Max 4w e GRAIN lamp brings a new perspective to the pendant lamp genre by combining a classic minimalistic design with the use of innovative new materials. The original composite used in the lamp’s construction adds an unexpected softness and warmth to GRAIN, giving its simple form lots of character. Small grains of fiber in the lamp’s material bring subtle changes in colour and shade. The lamp is equipped with a high quality LED light bulb that lasts for up to 10,000 hours. LED light bulbs save energy resources whilst reflecting a natural light with a warm glow.