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Cobra Table Lamp, UK (Warm Grey Semi Matt)


Gubi Cobra bordlampe. Designet av Greta Grossmann. Denne spesielle lampen har tatt navnet sitt fra skjermens ovale form, som minner om nettopp en Kobra-slange.
Leveringstid: 2-3 uker

NOK 4545,-


Størrelse: - Høyde: 34,5 cm. - Diameter base: 16,5 cm - Diameter skjerm: 29 cm - 360º justerbar skjerm
Materialer og Finish - Pulverlakkert stålbase og aluminium skjerm.
Farge: Varm grå semi matt
Lyskilde: - Pære 1 x max 40 W E14 (ikke inkludert) - Lengde på ledning: ca 1,7 meter

The Grossman Collection The most iconic products Greta Grossman designed in the 40s and 50s were the Gräshoppa floor lamp and the Cobra floor and table lamps. In 1950, the Cobra lamp won the Good Design Award and was subsequently exhibited at the Good Design Show at the Museum of Modern Art. Grossman was highly influenced by European Modernism, which had been imported to the US by influencial architects, such as Walter Gropius (founder of the Bauhaus) and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Grossman, in turn, played a significant role in defining the aesthetic of mid-century Californian Modernism. The classic Cobra lamp takes its name from the shape of the oval shade, which is reminiscent of a Cobras neck. The tubular flexible arm can be bent in all directions and the shade can be rotated through 360º. The base is covered in powder-coated aluminium and weighted with a cast iron ballast. Today, Grossmans product designs are highly collectible and are sold at auctions all around the world. Grossmans products are unique, modern classic designs.